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Chaos Coordination

Chaos Coordination is more than just personal assistant services for the author.

When you sign on with me I am available to complete some tasks for you. But, that isn't all I do. During the initial interview with me we sit down on a zoom call and talk about what your week looks like right now. What you are doing day to day every week and how that is or isn't working for you. 

Then we move on to projects. What projects are you working on right now? What projects are you trying to get to work on? This is an entire brain dump where we talk about all the projects, current and future. 

With all that chaos out, we start with the coordination. We look at how to get these things done while still allowing you the time and freedom to live. I will help you turn these things into a manageable weekly list of tasks that keeps you moving forward without the overwhelm. 

Below, you'll find a variety of ways you can work with me. All are dependent on my current client load as it is my goal to give each client the focus they need in the beginning without rushing through.

I am currently only accepting clients at the Rose level and below. I want to give those that pay for my time, my full attention while still maintaining my balance and being able to continue with my author career. 

Chaos Coordination



Chaos Coordination


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Chaos Coordination 


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Chaos Coordination


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