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Passionate About Helping Others


I am Rhiannon, the Author Chaos Coordinator. I have been Coordinating Chaos for a long time, to the point that one of my daughter's has said she always thought of me as Organized Chaos. 
I felt like that was accurate but I didn't really do much with it beyond getting a Chaos Coordinator name plate. Then an author friend saw my Clifton Strengths and hired me to- you guessed it, Coordinate her Chaos. 

myface2022 smallcopy copy.jpeg

We were messaging at one point and I showed her my nameplate. She said that needs to be your email and I ran with it. I realized that if I am not writing, then I want to be working and giving back to my community in a way that is sustainable for me. Even when I am writing, I am giving back to my community by hosting live stream writing sprints on a weekly basis. The author community has been a huge blessing for me and if I can help other authors succeed by coordinating the chaos of all the projects that need to be going at once, it is the best feeling for me. 

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